OMS provides Dedicated and Shared warehousing and Distribution operations to ensure that you can deliver your service promise to your customers. OMS's warehousing capabilities is increasing day by day. All warehouses feature modern palletized storage systems. An extensive range of sophisticated equipment that can be customized to meet product and customer needs. Our warehouses are scientifically designed for maximum ventilation and insulation. These are equipped with fire and safety equipment conforming to international standards. The loading bays too are well designed for accessibility and safety. Well trained Security personnel ensure the integrity of stock, personnel and site. Our WMS software provides both functionality and flexibility to manage Supply Chain and Warehousing operations. The web- based application can be accessed and updated online, allowing real- time, detailed and accurate information on inventory and progression of all related activities. Our warehouses at all locations are equipped with Network CCTV with DVR facility. All activity within the warehouse and at warehouse gate can be monitored from any location at any time. This has brought a number of benefits to the client and has helped in the major reduction of stock losses. We have installed Ceiling Mounted (Auto Operated) Type Fire Extinguisher at our warehouses. These are compact and efficient fire smothering solutions in close places where fire could cause extensive damage if not detected and extinguished in time. Apart from these we have installed fire alarm and smoke detector in our warehouses.